The Lost Chord is an Asheville-based Moody Blues tribute band that was formed in 2016. Our goal is to reproduce the classic, cosmic sound of the legendary band’s original studio recordings in a live setting. The focus of our repertoire is on the seven albums of the Moodies’ classic period, spanning from Days of Future Passed to Seventh Sojourn. We cover most of the well known hits as well as some of the more obscure gems from that era.

The Band Members :

Garry Byrne


Founding member Garry Byrne found his way to keyboards as an expression of his love of the music of The Moody Blues. Nights in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon came and went without him taking much note. Sometime back in 1970, having gone to sleep one night with the radio on, he woke up at 3 AM to the opening Mellotron strains of Watching and Waiting, leaving him transfixed. He knew then that he wanted to play this kind of music. Having fallen in love with the sound of the Mellotron, he also discovered the prog-rock music of bands like Yes, Genesis and King Crimson which featured the instrument. At some point back in the 70’s he even owned one of the original mechanical style Mellotrons, as well as a Hammond B2 organ. Now he uses digital keyboards and sound banks with access to actual samples from Mike Pinder’s own Mellotrons. A few years before The Lost Chord formed he played in a local prog-rock band called The Rose Familiar.

Sherman Hoover

(lead vocals, backing vocals, electric bass)

Sherman started learning to play music at the age of 10 starting with playing the piano by ear and then later teaching himself the guitar and electric bass while receiving formal instruction in school on the trombone. He found his first musical inspiration in The Beatles followed later by The Police, Rush and Pink Floyd. He formed his first rock band before high school, which started out playing Police covers and later worked their way to writing original songs. In high school he discovered prog-rock bands such as Yes, Genesis, King Crimson & ELP and fell in love with their music. He remembers hearing The Moody Blues’ hits on the radio as a child but didn’t explore their albums in depth until the late 80’s. He majored in music on the trombone at The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill but decided the electric bass was his favorite instrument to play. Since moving to Asheville in 1997, he has played with several local bands, most notably: Jubilee Community’s World Beat Band, Current Invention, Shod My Feet, and The Billy Jonas Band. Because of his musical training and good ear, he has evolved into the role of the musical director for The Lost Chord.

Todd Byington

(lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic 6-string & 12-string guitars, sitar)

Todd started learning to play the guitar at the age of 9 by picking out the guitar parts on classic folk songs by ear. He learned how to finger-pick by studying the music of Paul Simon, Arlo Guthrie, Glen Campbell and Gordon Lightfoot. Some of his other early influences included the acoustic folk-pop-rock of the 60’s and 70’s, such as The Byrds, Crosby, Stills & Nash (& Young) and America. In the early 80’s he began to fall in love with the music of The Beatles and prog-rock bands (Yes, Genesis, ELP, etc.) when he was first turned on to The Moody Blues. He was especially impressed with the album, In Search of the Lost Chord, and particularly the song, Om, which featured the sitar. Over the next several years he explored and enjoyed the rest of their classic albums. Later on in the 90’s he put on live solo performances at various folk music events in the Athens, GA area covering many of his favorite folk songs. After that he moved to Asheville and took a break from playing guitar for a while until the idea of forming a Moody Blues tribute band came along.

Paul Quick

(lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, triangle, rainstick)

Paul picked up the guitar and started playing and singing in bands back in the 60’s at the time of the British invasion of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and others. One of his favorite groups from the 60’s and 70’s is The Moody Blues, so he is delighted to be involved in recreating their iconic songs today with The Lost Chord. In recent years he played guitar and sang with the local classic-rock cover band, Back Pages. He has been active in local songwriting circles for over a decade and has hosted a regular open-mic event. He has also co-written and performed many songs with Lance Kurland, which they have released on a CD together under the name, Highlight. For the last several years he has worked with Mark Chester in what was originally a duo, called QuickChester, which has now expanded to include others, among them The Lost Chord’s flute player, Kate Barber, and her husband, Ed, as well as Nathan Ebanks, who does the visuals for The Lost Chord. QuickChester recently released a CD titled Cocoon and performs locally.

Kate Barber

(backing vocals, flute, percussion)

Kate began playing flute while in elementary school in Rochester, NY, and continued to play in school band and orchestra through graduation. “Have flute, will travel” then became her life’s motto. Kate put the written music on pause, began ear training and developed her improvisational abilities, as she played with many bands while moving from Bloomington, IN, to the Colorado Rockies, on to the Florida Keys. It was there where she met her husband, Ed, and joined musical talents to form the band, Southern Exposure. In 1987, they moved to Asheville, NC, and have made their home there since. Locally, Kate has shared a stage with many talented musicians and is delighted to have joined The Lost Chord as the flutist. Recreating the flute parts of The Moody Blues has both opened a new chapter and become a welcomed challenge for her musical prowess. In regard to playing with The Lost Chord, Kate said, “I’m quite pleased with our overall mix and band chemistry, and glad to see my band mates are willing to let me add my own flute embellishments to some of our rockers, that is, when I’m not playing tambourine.”

“Coz” Norm Clinard

(electronic drums)

Coz is a native of North Carolina and a Methodist minister’s son. His early musical influences came from traditional church hymns and the short pop/rock songs that played on AM radio. The Ed Sullivan Show was also a major influence, watching drummers like Ringo Starr and Charlie Watts. In the early 70’s he was impacted by a Charlotte FM radio station that opened up a whole new world of musical expression and turned him on to prog-rock bands such as Jethro Tull, Yes, ELP and The Moody Blues. Later, after a tour of duty in the United States Air Force he decided to study music as a percussionist under Byron Hedgepeth at UNCA. Since that time he has played and recorded with numerous local bands in many styles of music, including 60’s/70’s/80’s classic, southern, prog and Christian rock. He also studied sound reproduction and audio mixing techniques, which have led to playing and mixing sound at a variety of musical events. Because of his love for The Moody Blues’ music, he auditioned in early 2019 for the position of drummer for The Lost Chord. He also currently plays percussion and assists with sound production at Seacoast Church in Asheville.

History of The Lost Chord

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